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Depending on the length of your stay in Slovenia and the nationality of your crew members, you might require a visa. In case of longer stay a residency permit might be required also.

Work permit

For filming you will not need a work permit. In the case of an inspection, following is the law that states that: Zakon o zaposlovanju in delu tujcev (ZZDT-1). The relevant part of the law that is applicable for film crews is “5. člen, paragraph (2), bullet 12.” The document is only available in Slovene language.

Can Slovenia Film Commission issue a letter of guarantee

No. Slovenia Film Commission does not issue letters of guarantee. Link to a standard document can be found here. In order to obtain a letter of guarantee, filmmakers should contact their business partners in EU. A letter of guarantee can be issued by a local line producer. The issuer of such invitation letter bears a lot of financial and legal responsibility. In order for the invitation letter to be valid in the Schengen Visa acquiring procedure, it has to be formally validated by local authorities administrative unit. Thus, european producers are very cautious when issuing such documents. To build the trust with local producers, you should provide them with verifiable filmography of all the members in your crew. A proof of financial condition of your project will be of great help also. First interaction is always the hardest and takes a lot of effort and courage on both sides.

Filming in public spaces

Filming in public spaces in general is allowed and no special permit is needed. In order to ensure the availability of particular locations, local authorities require that an application for permission to use the public space is filed and confirmed prior to the use of location. An example of such document can be found on the website of Murska Sobota municipality. There is a small fee of around 23€, that is charged to process the application. This way local authorities ensure, that there are no concurrent events happening on the same venue at the same time, and that the venue will be in the condition you, the filmmaker, expect it. Cities and localities will usually help you with obtaining permits for the changes in normal flow of traffic. They will also lend you some of city owned real estate for free. Non commercial charges apply for cleaning and management of used city resources. Even though the request should be filed at least two weeks before filming, it is usually possible to adjust the micro-location in time of shooting, pending upon availability of the location and working hours of local administrative office. Since such ad-hoc procedure usually requires a great deal of communication with local authorities, a local line producer can be of great help. Be aware, that it is not the duty of the workers in the public offices to help you in such cases. It is their good will.
Also, do not forget that filmmakers are required to anonymize any faces or license plates recorded in public spaces, that are visible on camera.

Closing a street

Highways, roads and streets are under two possible jurisdictions. Highways and larger roads are under the jurisdiction of Slovenian Roads Agency. Request should be filed personally at least 15 days before desired closing of the road. Here is a blank form for closing a national road. The processing cost is 22,66€.
Local roads and streets are under jurisdiction of local municipalities. In such cases, permission to close a street should be agreed with them. This is a form for closing a local street in the capital – city of Ljubljana. On the website of the City of Ljubljana you can also find the price list of such services. Other municipalities have similar procedures and documents available on their websites. Since many documents are currently only available in Slovene language, you are advised to search for help of a local line producer.
Be aware, that public needs to be notified of any changes in regular flow of traffic in advance. To achieve that, you can use different media or post services. Beside getting the permission of the necessary local or national authority, you should always notify the police well in advance also.

Filming in nature and natural parks

There are some areas of special natural or historical value, where terms for filming are different. Filmmakers are advised that they consult the owners of the property on exact terms of filming well in advance – i.e. 200 member crew can not take over a meadow in Triglav national park, one can not get into galleries and museums with all the equipment which might damage exhibited specimens.

Filming architecture – copyright and royalties

Despite the fact that architectural works are protected under Slovenian Copyright Law, current situation does not enable filmmakers to pay royalties for filming architecture. According to the standpoint of Slovenian Intellectual Property Office, there is no collective organisation that would be authorised to manage the copyright of architectural works.

Temporary import of professional equipment

Temporary import of professional equipment to Slovenia and Schengen area is possible without the need to pay any customs. For temporary import of filming equipment into Schengen area, you should obtain ATA carnet.

Use of drones and filming from the air

To obtain permission to film from Slovenian national airspace, the first step should be to contact Civil Aviation Agency. They will be able to help you if you want to operate your own airplane or helicopter and tell you about the limitations of using drones depending on weight, maximum altitude and the location of filming. Legislature is rather scattered in this area. In order to film from the air in a national park, sometimes three different ministries have to give you permission. Civil Aviation Agency will coordinate the process for you. Even faster way would be to contact a Slovenian flight provider. Some of them already have permissions for filming. They will would also know exactly for which parts of airspace special permissions are needed.