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Kinodvor municipal cinema We have just what you are looking for. The sphere of film activities in Slovenia is a part of cultural production containing all the essential elements of the film industry featured in even the most developed film countries; an academy, film studios, production and post-production facilities, film festivals, distributors and exhibitors, media etc. You do not necessarily have to rely on Viba Film, since there are many other film studios, production houses and establishments that offer a variety of film and commercial services together with up-to-date technical equipment. There is also a quality trained and experienced local crew, as well as technicians and trade professionals available to hire for all areas of film and commercial production and post-production. Virtually all are fluent in English, so there is no need to bring key crew from abroad.

Many production houses offer casting services. The talent is generally fluent in English and is mostly Caucasian with Alpine, Nordic, Mediterranean and Dinaric sub-race types. There are also Asian, Indian and African communities but are very limited and smaller than those in most western European cities. The indigenous looks are a Caucasian Alpine-Dinaric mix.
There is also a high quality and reputable Academy of Theatre, Radio, Film and Television (AGRFT) in Ljubljana. Many of its students are yet to be discovered talents that pine for the splendour of international co-production.