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Viba Film

Film-Studio-Viba-LjubljanaAs part of national support for film production, one can also apply for the services of the Viba Film Studio. Viba Film in Ljubljana is a state institution which functions as the national technical film foundation. It collaborates on the majority of Slovene films in the National Film Programme and is also involved in co-production and commercial projects. The equity of Viba, as a state institution that takes part in the majority of film projects and in student productions at the Academy of Theatre, Radio, Film and Television, both during the shooting of films and post-production, is a direct investment by the Republic of Slovenia.

The Viba Film Studio in Ljubljana includes two film recording studios with adjacent production areas. The larger studio measures 720 m2, the smaller 460 m2. Their design enables the simultaneous filming of two projects. Areas for the production of scenery, wardrobes for the main actors and extras, make-up rooms and other production areas needed during filming are set up adjacent to the film recording studios. Viba rents out technical equipment for film recording, lighting, dollies and sound equipment, transport vehicles and power supply equipment. Mobile sound equipment and an up-to-date post-production studio provide everything you need to go from the filming stage to the last stages of film production all in one place. There is also a small cinema with 45 seats on the premises, where you can test screen your work. Viba also stores a collection of costumes and props, which has been built up throughout the post-war years of the Slovene film industry. Among the multitude of nondescript clothing, still useful for shooting crowd or period scenes, various valuable costumes from historically important Slovene films have been preserved.