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Slovenia Film Commission

Promoting Locations and Film Industry


Tivoli Park and Jakopič Promenade The film industry is one of the most exciting in the sphere of cultural industries. The vast variety and diversity Slovenia has to offer therefore makes it an excellent choice for producers. We are attempting to encourage filmmaking in Slovenia. We know what effects film production could have on business and tourism, as well as on the prestige and local pride of a country yet to be discovered by the film industry.

Slovenia must be one of the most appealing locations in Europe – the light, climate, the utterly unspoiled nature and well-preserved architecture, the variety of landscapes, where the Alps, Mediterranean, the Pannonian Plain and the Karst are literally just steps away from modern urban areas. In addition, Slovenia’s geographical position ensures that other European metropolises are also in near proximity. But the advantages do not stop there. We feel it is important that producers feel welcome, that they are provided with logistical and technical support and are assisted by people who understand the art and craft that is filmmaking. Shooting of LG 3D commercial It is essential that attentive police and friendly local authorities, coupled with low production costs, replace bureaucratic obstacles, and above all, it is essential that producers interact with the friendly and helpful citizens of Slovenia. Slovenia will provide all of this, for this is a country that will gladly play host to the captivating cinematic stories that will immortalise its cultural image in the history of film. Film commission of Slovenia welcomes you with an invitation and a guide providing essential information for film production in Slovenia. We wish to save you both time and money and make your next decision on your shooting location easy.

Slovenia it is.